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  • Use the flexi cord provided to plug your Carricell into a vehicle accessory socket, transformer or battery charger. (Use the accessory socket provided).


  • The left-hand indicator light comes on when the Carricell is connected to a 12 – 24 volt power source. The right hand light shows the heating elements are on and will switch off when the unit is up to temperature: 32°C to 34°C on the digital strip thermometer fitted beneath the foam tray.


  •  Preheat your Carricell for approximately l5 minutes before use. When the correct temperature is reached, transfer queen cells into the foam tray. When operating on 24 volt supply, Carricell may overheat briefly before settling back to normal operating temperature. Do not place cells in Carricell until correct operating temperature is reached. (An extension cord is available when using away from power source)


  • Queen cells are fragile and should be handled with care at all times. Avoid jolting or bouncing your Carricell.


  • When the unit is unplugged the operator will need to ensure cells are not exposed to extreme changes in temperature. In mild-warm weather, the unit could be left unplugged for short periods. In cold conditions the unit should be unplugged only briefly and the lid kept closed as much as possible. In hot sunshine care must be taken to avoid overheating. Keep your Carricell shaded and never leave cells in direct sunlight. Temperature must not exceed 34°C



Accessory sockets are easily filled to most vehicles or tractors.


The foam tray can be removed and placed in a larger incubator or hot water cupboard overnight. Monitor the temperature and ensure it does not exceed 34°C. Keep a moist towel over the cells to keep humidity levels higher


Added humidity is not normally necessary for short-term incubation of 10-day cells, but if desired, lightly spray some water over the foam or cover cells with a damp towel or cloth.


The Carricell will operate on 12 - 24 volts AC or DC power. It is polarity protected so the unit can be used on vehicles with positive and negative earthed batteries. For connection to a battery charger, cut wires to battery clips and connect to accessory socket using electrical connector supplied. Battery clips may be rejoined using the same connector.

For connection to a transformer, the output voltage must be between 12 - 24 volts. Connect output to the accessory socket using connector supplied. The rating of the transformer must be 50volt amps or more. Before any connections are made to battery charger or transformer, ensure mains power is switched off. The power consumption of the Carricell is minimal, using only 1.8 amps intermittently.


Power Supplies, Foam trays, flexi cords, extension leads and accessory sockets are available separately.


Your Carricell is set at the correct temperature and no further adjustment should be necessary. The heating unit and electronic monitoring components are sealed for protection. In the event of a malfunction please return the unit to your agent or supplier.




Queen Cell Portable Incubator      

The Carricell portable incubators are ideal for transporting 6 - 10 day capped queen cells. They are strongly constructed, lightweight and easy to use.  Three models hold 40, 70 or 144 cells in a protective foam tray.  The electronically monitored heating unit ensures a constant temperature.

(The 40 cell unit was introduced in April 2005)


The Carricell is powered from a 12 - 24 volt vehicle accessory socket and can also be connected to a battery charger or transformer for use on mains power.  Accessory sockets are easily fitted to most vehicles.


For beekeepers who use advanced cells for replacing queens, making splits or producing queens, the Carricell is a convenient and reliable cell carrier.


Cells are easily removed from production hives without being exposed to varying temperatures or other bees.  Mating nucs are conveniently supplied with queen cells and trays of cells are quickly transferred to and from a larger incubator. Because cells are held in separate foam compartments, there is no risk of emerging queens destroying other cells.


The Carricell has been thoroughly tested in commercial beekeeping and queen bee production.  It makes queen cell use easier, quicker and surer.  The Carricell is a professional product designed to assist beekeepers in efficient hive management & been used commercially for 30 years.


Each unit comes complete with a foam tray, flexi cord, accessory socket and digital strip thermometer. These items are also available separately.


Operating instructions are included with each unit.     



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John and Judy Dobson

01 July 2014

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