John and Judy Dobson operate Beeline Limited from Kereru in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. 

Kereru is a small farming district 60 km's southwest from Napier/Hastings on the East Coast of the North Island at an altitude of 400 metres and on the Eastern slopes of the Whakarara mountain range. The business has operated successfully for 31 years producing queen cells, queen bees, nucleus colonies, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and queen cell incubating equipment.  However, change is inevitable, so this year the supply of bees to NZ customers has been closed.  A huge thank you goes to all our NZ customers for supporting us over the last 31 years.

Carricell & Queen Cell Incubation Equipment will continue to be produced and supplied for a number of years to come.


A few hundred beehives will continue to be managed for honey production once the bulk of the queen producing hives have been sold during 2015.


Another side to the business is the operation of four school buses servicing two rural schools in the area. The current contracts are in their seventh year & will continue for three more years with the possible rolling over for another three years. 


Judy is a keen gardener, tree planter, motor cyclist and scuba diver, who works with the bees and drives a school bus occasionally. John enjoys bee farming, motorcycling, scuba diving, inventing and helping Judy. The seven children in our blended family range from age twenty nine through to thirty eight.  John has seven grandchildren & Judy has five.

We hope to enjoy a bit more time with our grandchildren & travelling to visit many of our overseas clients.


John & Judy – March 2015