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For storing Capped Queen Cells and Caged Queens


Kit Includes

  • 230-volt electronic digital temperature control unit

 with a preset temperature and monitoring gauge, PT 100 sensor & cables.  

This unit is extremely accurate; uses very little power, and can be relied on to give years of safe trouble-free service.

The temperature range is 0o to 50oC. (Preset & locked at 32oC.)

  • Low voltage nichrome elements are designed to fit into the base of an incubator cabinet.  The flat, wide elements eliminate hot spots and operate with complete safety.  80mm x 80mm 12 volt fan included to improve airflow.

  • The elements can be easily installed in a disused fridge cabinet or an insulated enclosure with a minimum internal base size of 450mm x 450mm.

  • 230 volt /24 volt x 100 VA transformer (Enclosed in controller box)

  • Instructions.        


  • NZ $1798.00 plus courier, plus GST (No GST outside New Zealand)


  • Cash sales - Payment in advance before dispatch, please.

  • Direct Credit/Visa or MasterCard preferred.


Foam Trays

  • Mini – holds 40 cells - NZ $29.00 each plus courier, plus GST       

  • Small - holds 70 cells - NZ $33.00 each plus courier, plus GST         

  • Large - holds 144 cells - NZ $38.00 each plus courier, plus GST

Flexicord for Carricell Incubator
  • $59.80 each plus courier, plus GST

Installation & Use of

230-volt Controller, Sensor & 24-volt Elements for Queen Bee Incubation

  • Place the elements at the base of the cabinet and install cable through the hole in the back of the cabinet

  • Place the controller on top of the cabinet.  Plug in the element cable to rear of the controller.

  • Feed the temperature sensor through a hole in the back of the cabinet and position approx 1/3 height from the top. Use a cable tie to attach to rack & keep sensor away from the wall of the cabinet.

  • Place 2 x 2-litre open containers filled with water on rack immediately above elements.

  • Connect the 230-volt plug to the mains power supply and switch on.

  • The digital display will indicate the actual temperature in the cabinet and when the pre-set operating temperature is reached, 32 degrees C will be maintained

  • The controller will do the rest as you’ve paid for the best!



  • Water containers require topping up weekly as evaporation occurs.

  • In the unlikely event of an extended power failure, place a hot water bottle in the cabinet, or store 4 –5 litres or more, of water in the cabinet to act as a heat store.  This will maintain a temperature of approximately 30°C for a several hours.

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