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  • Queen cells

  • Cell Incubation  

  • Mated Queens

  • Nuclei

  • Bee Health

  • Equipment

  • Planning

  • Records

  • Systems

  • Technique

  • Management

  • Data file


John has been involved in the beekeeping industry 45 years and has decided to “semi-retire,” He and his team have successfully produced and supplied queen bees for the industry for 30 years.


Many methods of production have been tried & tested.  John has a wealth of knowledge on many aspects regarding queen bees. He has developed specialized equipment and  systems to simplify and make the production of queens more efficient. On offer is a wide range of specialised and practical advice on all of the topics listed above.


John and Judy can travel by campervan to your site to assist and advise on setting up your own “in house” queen bee production unit or you can come to us at Kereru for a hands on learning experience.


Specialised equipment available – information supplied with package.


It has been said that “you’re not a real beekeeper until you can produce your own queens” and “It is a false economy to not replace queens regularly”  and “ Poor queens make a beekeeper poor”


Consulting prices tailored to suit - several days may be required depending on your requirements and budget.  


Email John using for a quote…

or phone 06 870 7070 or 0274 494 396


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